Theory Review 1 - Adams and Backus

 Essay about Theory Review 1 -- Adams and Backus

Theory Critique one particular - Adams and Backus

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Theory Critique I actually – Adams and Backus

There exist several theories among Christian counselors which in turn attempt to integrate the Word of God into the counseling method. This review will look at the hypotheses and morals of Doctor Jay Elizabeth. Adams as outlined in his book, The right way to Help People Modify, as well as the work by Bill Backus and Marie Chapian as offered in their publication, Telling Yourself the Truth. All authors happen to be in contract with the historic writings in scripture which in turn state "... there is practically nothing new beneath the sun” (Ecclesiastes 1: 9b, NKJV), because each pieces forth time-tested precepts which were in practice for hundreds of years. Principles taught and urged by advisors, applying the term of God, which when practiced frequently succeed in causing God-honoring alteration in the lives and relationships of counselees (Adams, 1986; Backus & Chapian, 2000). Adams (1986) outlines clearly-defined goals including change and cautions against focusing on shallow rather than significant change from the human heart. Transform is brought about by the ministry of the inspired Word of God (2 Timothy 3: 16) by simply counselors who have come together with the work in the Holy Soul to precipitate change in counselees. According to Adams (1986), the counselor must turn into an expert in Bible understanding and model while utilizing what this individual terms the nouthetic type of counseling - a four-step biblical method which includes: educating, conviction, static correction, and disciplined training in righteousness. As advisors work to steer and educate counselees, they will assist in promoting an internal change in the heart in the counselee toward God. To get if a problem is not resolved on the top to bottom plane which will encourages Christlikeness, there is " no way evidently good results can hold up in the long run” (Adams, 1986, p. 5). Similarly, Backus and Chapian (2000) inspire applying the truth of the Expression of God in order to slander error-based pondering in their three-step model that they can have called Misbelief Remedy. Counselors must help clientele recognize the original source and determine their misbelief in considering and " self-talk; ” then take the appropriate steps to argue against the misbelief; and finally, replace the untruth while using truth of the Word of God. However , while Adams (1986) explains his theory focusing on the changing the heart, Backus and Chapian (2000) mostly address the area of cognition. The authors believe one of the important aspects in the counselling process is usually to assist counselees in the id of untruths which have not really been rooted in the Phrase of The almighty. These untruths or misbeliefs have been psychologically rehearsed, in some cases, all of an individual's life. The consequence of this concept of self-talk will cause misbelief to become ingrained profound in the psyche of the counselee, which once rehearsed, births an mental turmoil significantly impacting human relationships and outcomes in the lifestyle of the self-talker. Change occurs when the mistaken opinion is replaced with the truth from the Word of God (Backus & Chapian, 2000). Adams describes a lot of Christian advisors as ill-taught and advises even if the methodology used can be well-intended but is not biblically directed, the desired internal change of the heart will never be realized (Adams, 1986). He's careful to indicate his opinion that there is zero necessary marriage between Christian counseling and psychology and stresses Christian counseling is in no way based upon traditional psychological theories for its existence. Simultaneously, Adams stands firm in the conviction the fact that inerrant Expression of The almighty is sufficient, ideal, and complete in " teaching, rebuking, correcting and learning righteousness” (2 Timothy several: 16b, NIV). Provided the therapeutic process is carried out by knowledgeable practitioners who count heavily for the precepts inside the Word of God and...

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