Intercontinental Business: Performing in another country

 International Organization: Doing business in another country Essay


This record will look into the viability of " Aussie Boardies" expanding the business international. The potential nation chosen can be India. The us will be analysed with its business protocol, communication and ethnic differences. The report will likely investigate the strengths and weaknesses of creating business in India and make comparisons to Aussie business values. An informed advice will be made based upon facts within the report in relation to developing an abroad branch.

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India's environment and weather are varied depending on the relevant region; the three main regions are the Northern Plains, Central India plus the Southern location. The Northern Plains include cities like New Delhi that experience extreme ranges of temperatures and are very prone to wet during the monsoon season (June to September). Central India consists of sizzling and dried weather nevertheless temperature drops at night. Is it doesn't most monsoon prone in all of the of India during the monsoon season. The southern area of India has generally high moisture throughout the year and relatively low rainfall. The southern area of India's climate is considered the most similar to the Rare metal Coast as they are both exotic and generally great heat throughout the year (see Appendix 2).


India uses up most of the American indian subcontinent in Southern Asia. Its western border includes only Pakistan and the eastern border is Bangladesh (see Appendix 1). The town of Chennai found on India's to the south eastern coastline would be the maximum place to set up " Aussie Boardies". Chennai's beaches resemble the Rare metal Coast, and they are the main traveler attraction. Hence, the demand pertaining to swimwear can be higher in that area. Consequently , this will end up being the optimal region in India to set up a branch of " Aussie Boardies". The distance via Australia to India is usually evident in appendix 6, as it is 7822. 21km in addition to Australia.


India is among the most various countries, with an incredibly significant mixture of competitions and numerous different different languages spoken. Aspects worth considering of the traditional western lifestyle have already been embraced in India in modern day. Meals are liked by different areas of India but fresh vegetables, pulses and rice are very much loved by all Indians. The people who have live close to the oceans diet consist largely of seafood as they are generally fisherman. The Indian clothing is still traditional at its core, with many women wearing the Sari (Appendix 3). However , swimwear is equivalent to contemporary traditional western styles, producing " Foreign Boardies" have an overabundance relevance in the Indian culture.


Because Appendix some shows, the main religion of India is Hinduism, with Islam like a minority.

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The banner of India sports a few coloured lines being, Saffron (top), light (middle) and India green (bottom). In the centre is the design of Ashoka Shakra in dark blue.



India's constitution identifies the nation as a " sovereign socialist luxurious democratic republic". (see Appendix 5) Politics of India take place within a constitution. India is a federal parliamentary democratic republic when the President of India is definitely head of state as well as the Prime Minister of India is the head of government. The political framework of India is similar to Australia, as they are both equally democracies and operate within a constitutional construction.


The sociable issues of India add a lack of homogeneity which naturally sees specific social organizations being discriminated against foundation upon religious beliefs, race and so forth Economic problems like lack of employment, poverty and economic advancement are also an issue in India. (The Economic Times, 2014) Unemployment efficiently hurts the as it minimizes productivity, for that reason reducing the GDP. As well, with less people in gainful career, the nation's economy won't be while active through less costs. This...



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